Code For Adults Mission

Code for Adults is a DBA of Code for Kids 501c3.

We created Code for Adults to create a pathway for adults to become Technology professionals that will provide long-term career opportunities, strengthen the region’s economy, develop new talent, and support the needs of company’s community in communities we serve.

Our Partners Make the Difference

We will provide students with a financial stipend while attending a 12-week Boot Camp. This removes the #1 burden for students as many want to attend but can’t afford to pause their income for 12-weeks. Students will learn coding or cybersecurity during a comprehensive 12-week program with the goal of starting a career in technology after they complete the program.

Kable Academy

At Kable Academy, we’re about changing lives. We put tech careers within reach for those willing to explore a life in IT. We are change agents, who wield the tools of education, accessibility, and connection.

We care about where our students go from here. We’re in the business of providing opportunity for everyone who is up for the challenge. We are committed to diversity.

We know and support our partner employers, providing introductions to candidates with the right skills and attitude.  We organically serve the local IT markets filling local IT jobs. We accept the challenge to change the technology ecosystem. Our mission is creating the kinds of opportunities with the power to put someone’s career life on a whole new trajectory.

We do it one cohort at a time.

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By increasing the IT talent in our community we provide a win-win for those trying to develop a skill and the business community that is in desperate need for more IT talent. Please contact us to learn more.